Viking Fisheries Sardines (Fresh Frozen ) (1/2 Dozen) (DP)

Sardines, Whole, Frozen, packaged by Dynapets. Sardines, or pilchards, are common names used to refer to various small, oily fish within the herring family of Clupeidae. The terms sardine and pilchard are not precise, and what is meant depends on the region. The United Kingdom's Sea Fish Industry Authority, for example, classifies sardines as young pilchards. One criterion suggests fish shorter in length than 15 cm (6 in) are sardines, and larger ones pilchards.

Sardines are rich in vitamins and minerals. A small serving of sardines once a day can provide 13 percent of vitamin B2; roughly one-quarter of niacin; and about 150 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12. All B vitamins help to support proper nervous system function and are used for energy metabolism, or converting food into energy. Also, sardines are high in the major minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and some trace minerals including iron and selenium. Sardines are also a natural source of marine omega-3 fatty acids.

Available in 1/2 dozen, full dozen or 5 kg box.

❄ This is a frozen product.

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Sardines (Fresh Frozen ) (1/2 Dozen) (DP)

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