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Rabbit and Rodent Gourmet Treats Sunday Roast Gourmet Treats (50gr)

The Rabbit & Rodent Sunday Roast Recipe Gourmet Treats , handmade by Rabbit & Rodent, do not include any chemicals or artificial preservatives, colourants or flavour enhancers. No sugar, salt or oil is used. We let natures deliciousness be what makes these treats so delectable.

The treats are dried out leaving only the nutritional value and flavour behind of the organic ingredients.

The dried out treat is great for gnawing to maintain healthy teeth on for dogs, rabbits, rats, hamsters and chinchillas. The goodness of spinach is rich in vitamin A, iron and vitamin K which promotes strong bones, nourishes eyes and improves digestion.  Butternut provides vitamin B, Vitamin C, potassium and fibre which supports a healthy heart and overall healthy function of your pet.

12 delicious treats handmade with love. Suitable for a variety of other small rodents and horses.

Ingredients: sweet potato, butternut, spinach, coriander, carrots, oats

Ingredients Sweet potato, butternut, spinach, coriander, carrots, oats

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Sunday Roast Gourmet Treats (50gr)

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