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Home Deliveries

Do you offer home deliveries?

Yes, indeed, across Gauteng & Surrounds. Please familiarise yourself with our schedules and zones. Please ensure that someone is available at the delivery address between 09h00 and 16h00 to take delivery of your order.

Gauteng Province

How long does delivery take?

We delivery 5 days a week, and on special request on Saturdays. For deliveries, the next working day, please ensure that you have paid for the order the previous working day before 15h00 in the afternoon. Please ensure that someone is at your delivery address to take receipt of your order. Please ensure that you check the delivery schedule, or the question titled "Can you be more specific on delivery routes & schedules? ".

What are your delivery charges?

We charge a nominal flat-rate of R 100.00 (inclusive) per delivery across Gauteng. For areas in the Surrounds, we charge R 200.00 (inclusive) per delivery for distance 60+ kms. Distances beyond 150 kms, please contact via email info@rawfoodforpets.com for a formal quote.

Can you be more specific on delivery routes & schedules?

Indeed. We publish a formal schedule via a public calendar here Delivery Schedule Calendar. We have divided Gauteng into 5 major zones (central, north, east, west and south), each assigned a specific day, some more than one day. If you need any further assistance, please contact deliveries@rawfoodforpets.com.

Gauteng North

Gauteng West

Gauteng Central

Gauteng East

Gauteng South

Delivery Schedule Calendar


Not covering your area or city yet? Please [read here]. Please note - delivery fees for Gauteng is R 100.00 (inclusive) and listed areas outside of Gauteng (ex-Gauteng) is R 200.00 (inclusive) for all frozen cuisine. Make sure you select the appropriate fee to ensure smooth processing and delivery of your order. We do not deliver to home if the area is not listed below. If you order frozen pet cuisine for delivery outside of these zones, a reverse fee based on The Courier Guy will apply to your order, which is typically calculated on weight. Dry items, supplements, treats and herbs can be ordered for courier across the country.

Download the Schedule

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  • November 2019 (PDF)
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