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Friends of the Dog Fireworks and Noise Spray (50ml)

A herbal tincture to manage fireworks and noise anxiety in mutts, pups and nobles from Friends of the Dog!

Watching a dog stressing about Fireworks and loud noises is stressful for the owner as well, as it seems that no matter what you do the dog is just not coping. The trouble with this behaviour is that it does not just go away by itself - the dog needs help, and the longer you leave the condition, the worse it will become.

Something to bear in mind is that some people think that their dogs are fine with fireworks as the behaviour is that the dog will jump up as if trying to catch the fireworks, perhaps spin around, bark and be very excited. This dog is NOT coping – it has gone into F = Fooling Around mode which is one of the behaviours dogs exhibit is they are not coping with a situation.

The Avalon Pure Firework and Noise Spray really does take the edge off for dogs and an additional bonus is that you are supplied with behaviour modifications to help to reduce your dogs fear even further.


  • Panicky behaviour
  • Panting
  • Running in circles
  • Hiding under or behind furniture
  • Terrified barking
  • Running away

It is often advisable to call for the help of a professional and you will find a canine behaviour professional at Animal Behaviour Org Website. Read our blog post on Behaviour Modification versus Training.

When you receive your spray, it will be in a dark coloured bottle with a sealed top. To use, open the top, remove the stopper and insert the spray attachment. Keep the bottle out of the sunlight and should you not be using for a period of time - then replace the sealed cap to avoid evaporation.

There are two methods to apply:

  • Spray onto your own hands and then stroke over your dogs face, avoiding the eyes. This will allow the spray to be efficiently absorbed by the olfactory system. The highly volatile molecules are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and mouth from where they are dispersed. The anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects of numerous organic extracts are well-documented and are now being explored to a far greater degree.
  • You can spray above the dog’s head and allow the mist to drift down onto the dogs face.

The spray is totally natural and safe, even around children and pregnant ladies. It is best not to spray directly onto the dog's coat, especially if your dog is one of the albino breeds where skin can be more sensitive.

Composition per 50ml

  • 99.6% purified ionised water
  • 0.3% alcohol
  • 0.1% herbal tincture of Mistletoe; Leopard's Bane; Wolf's Bane; Yellow Jasmine.

In terms of Act 36/1947, the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Fireworks and Noise Spray (50ml) (FS)

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