Doggobone Green Tripe Meal for Dogs (1kg)

A complementary tripe-based meal from Doggobone, packaged in 500gr chub rolls.

Registered Name: Doggobone Green Trip

Formulated As: Complementary Meal for Dogs

Registration Number: Not Required

Packaging: 500gr chub roll, 2 rolls per kilogram

Ingredients: Finely ground Unbleached Green Tripe (Beef or Sheep), Ground Flax Seed, Dried Alfalfa Meal, Sun-Dried Kelp, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Chicory Root, Curcumin, Rooibos.

Note: This is a complementary meal and must be fed in conjunction with a complete and balanced meal, to fulfil your pets nutrition requirements.

Note: Tripe used for human consumption has to be scalded or bleached to ensure it is “fit for human consumption”. However, this process denatures most of the nutritional benefit of the tripe. All Doggobone Active Raw meals that include tripe make use of green, unbleached tripe, and therefore, these meals cannot claim "fit for human consumption".

Status Complementary
Base Protein Finely ground Unbleached Green Tripe (Beef or Sheep)
Additional Protein None
Vegetables None
Fruits None
Herbs Ground Flax Seed, Dried Alfalfa Meal, Sun-Dried Kelp, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Chicory Root, Curcumin, Rooibos
Fortified No
Nutritional Information
Life Stages All
Moisture (%) (Max) 84 %
Protein (Crude) (%) (Min) 12 %
Fats and Oils (Crude) (%) (Min) 4 %
Fibre (Crude) (%) (Max) 0 %
Ash (Crude) (%) (Max) 1 %
Data Source Manufacturer
Nutritional Notes All nutritional values state here is based on an "as fed basis". In order to compare natural pet cuisine to other offerings, it is important that, for the purpose of comparison, values are converted to a dry matter basis.
Dept of Agriculture
V-Registration (ACT:36/1947) V30159
Packaging Chub Roll (500gr)
Dimensions (L / W / H) (mm) 230 x 70 x 55 (per roll)
Serving Instructions
Serving Instructions Serve Raw; Remove contents from packaging, place in a sealed container and thaw in refrigerator; Raw food will spoil if left unrefrigerated for an extended period of time; Do not thaw at room temperature for more than 60 min; This product may be fed frozen.
Raw Material Safety Statement
Raw Material Sourcing In accordance with South African regulations for commercial raw food, raw food materials may only be sourced from registered and regulated abattoirs. As such, our suppliers meat plants are subject to, and comply with, the regulations laid down by the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and some are also subject to the regulations of the European Commission.

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Green Tripe Meal for Dogs (1kg) (DB)

  • Brand: Doggobone
  • Product Code: DB-CN-TRIPE-01
  • Availability: 700
  • R34.00

  • Ex Tax: R29.57

  • 20 or more R32.98
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No chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, grains, cereals, denatured, or rendered products are used to enhance the appearance, taste or texture of this product, or in the production of this product. All raw ingredients (meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit and herbs) are sourced responsibly by the manufacturers of our products.

For additional details on meal planning, please [read our guidelines]. More about [food groups and the anatomy of the diet] in our [blog section], questions and answers in our [Frequently Asked Question] section. Please [review our guidelines for safe handling] and thawing meals.

❄ This is a frozen product.