(LEGAL) Herbal Solutions Disclaimer

Our custom herbal solutions are blended specifically for us by Honeyvale Herbs. Registered blends are provided by Honeyvale Herbs and The Herbal Pet. When feeding herbs in order to maintain general health consistently over an extended period of time, then a good rule of feeding herbs, in order to maintain optimum efficacy, is two months on and two weeks off. It is good to give the body rest from constant supplementation as, unlike allopathic medicine, herbs stay in the body over a longer period of time, so an occasional break makes the body less dependant on them and increases the benefits of long-term supplementation.

But if you are feeding herbs for healing or calming purposes then it is most effective to feed the herbs on a daily basis throughout one full blood cycle, which is 3 months (12 weeks). The condition should be vastly improved over this time to the point where further supplementation should no longer be necessary.

Please ensure that you are familiar with our medical disclaimer. We provide these herbals solutions for your convenience only, and because we know they work for the conditions that these solutions have been formulated for.

Herbs as a rule should not be fed to pregnant animals, as many of them have uterine or hormonal stimulant properties. Before feeding a herb to a broodmare or foal, please consult with a vet or holistic animal practitioner to substantiate safety of a specific herb. The information provided by us on this site is intended solely for animals older than six months of age.