Going away without your mutts, pups & nobles is no fun. Our resource page with pet friendly accommodation & recreational venues will grow over time as we receive feedback from pet parents.

Disclaimer / Guest Responsibilities

Please do not assume that every establishment will allow all pet types and breeds. We cannot be held responsible for a disappointing experience if you do not communicate with the establishment about your pet(s) prior to your arrival.

  • Prior arrangement is essential.
  • Contact the establishment to confirm pet types and sizes allowed.

Online Resources

Map Tool Developed by JP Hugo (Provided As Is)


Once you have established whether pets are welcome or not, you should ask a few questions to avoid any surprises:

  • Are all pets welcome? Perhaps they dislike cats or dogs that bark too much.
  • Are there any other animals resident at the establishment? For example, a territorial resident meeting your unneutered male pet may not bode so well for your stay.
  • Is there an enclosed are? If you are visiting an area where it would be dangerous if your pet escaped, like central Johannesburg, an enclosed space is going to make your pet-friendly holiday a lot less stressful.
  • What is the pet policy? Are pets required to be on a leash at all times? Do you pay extra for pets?
  • Are there walks or open spaces nearby where you can take your pet to stretch his legs?

Once you have figured out these details, you should be on your way to a fun, stress-free holiday with your pet.

Please do ping us if you know of other resources and online guides that we can include. If you cater for pets, please ensure that you register your establishment with one (if not all) of the online directories!

Travel Tips

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Travel Tips

A successful holiday with your fur kids require planning and preparation.

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