Unadulterated treats, biscuits and dried yummies

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For mutts, pups, nobles, masters and muggles!

We carry a wide variety of treats for your 4-legged friends - cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and rodents. Organic, packed with natural goodness. Rewarding your fur kids with food treats for good behaviour is a fun and effective way to train. Fooding a variety of treats will help to keep your fur kids from getting bored. It is also helpful to have some lower value treats (like dried venison biltong) along with some really valuable treats (fresh sardines) available so that you can reward so-so responses with the so-so treat and great responses with the great treats!

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Wheat-Free Biscuits (500gr) (Original) (RA)

Wheat-Free Biscuits (500gr) (Original) (RA)

The Original Wheat-Free Biscuit from Rooibos Aromatics, packaged in 500gr. ..

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