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Raw Food for Pets is your single source partner in Gauteng and surrounds for Doggobone, Dogmatters, Raw Love Pets and Simply Pets supreme frozen raw cuisine for dogs and cats. We are an independent reseller that cater for your cats and dogs' dietary needs through a variety of pre-made minced (BARF), prey model (PMR) and raw meaty bone (RMB) meals, packaged for your convenience in flat packs, tubs and chub rolls. The natural food recipes on our supreme menu include chicken, beef, ostrich, turkey, quail, tripe, fish, duck, lamb, rabbit and venison protein sources. Some refer to the [raw food diets] as ancestral, some paleo, some primal, more commonly its known as biologically, specie appropriate, food for cats and dogs (BARF Diet or BARF Food). We prefer real food, and together, we will help Fooding Your Whole Pet!

Our supreme catalogue is complemented by herbal solutions from Honeyvale Herbs and The Herbal Horse and Pet; anti-insect and cosmetic solutions from Spencers Natural Pet Products, Dr Zoo, Rooibos Aromatics, Ricky Litchfield and Future Pet Nutrition; designer fashionware from Doggie Hillfigher; natural and holistic supplements from Simply Natural, Promix Supplements, Efficient Microbes and Ricky Litchfield; and loads of natural unadulterated treats from Pet-e-Fours, Rooibos Aromatics, Raw Love Pets, Nandoe, and Ricky Litchfield!

More questions than answers? We have loads of articles on our blog, [The Barking Lot], and frequent questions and answers in our [FAQ] base.

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Venison Kidney Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Venison Kidney Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Unadulterated venison kidney chunks, packaged in 1kg flat pack. R..

R35.00 Ex Tax: R30.43

Duck Meal for Dogs Raw Joy (1kg) (DM)

Duck Meal for Dogs Raw Joy (1kg) (DM)

A complete and balanced duck-based meal from Dogmatters, packaged in 1kg flat pack. ..

R43.00 Ex Tax: R37.39

Turmeric Powder (500gr) (HP)

Turmeric Powder (500gr) (HP)

Turmeric powder from The Herbal Horse & Pet, packaged in 500gr pouch for your convenience. ..

R163.00 Ex Tax: R141.74

Turmeric Powder (1kg) (HP)

Turmeric Powder (1kg) (HP)

Turmeric powder from The Herbal Horse & Pet, packaged in 1kg pouch for your convenience. ..

R312.00 Ex Tax: R271.30

Raw Food for Cats and Dogs

Your super-licious, tail-wagging real pet food partner in Gauteng and Surrounds for your ;-

Dogmatters, Simply Pets, Doggobone and Raw Love Pets

- pet cuisine, delivered to home!

Please check our [Delivery Schedules] for details, we have updated the schedule.

Our delivery schedule now include Klerksdrop, Rustenburg (weekly), Brits (weekly), Welkom and Bloemfontein (monthly).

Not servicing your area or city yet? Please ensure to [read here] and register online for us in the mean time.

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