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Your purveyors of real food for cats and dogs in Gauteng

For home delivery of supreme pet cuisine for cats dogs Gauteng, Doggobone, Dogmatters, Simply Pets, taurine, raw diet, barf diet, barf food, biologically specie appropriate, biologically appropriate, paleo diet, natural food. For longevity, your dogs should eat real food with real nutrition. Healthy diets include real meat and eating real food is good. Find us online in Gauteng.

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    May the Paws be with you and your loved ones!

    Dawn and Ockert

    Buy Your BARF Diet for Dogs and Cats from us

    Ancestral, real, best, paleo, natural food for cats and dogs.
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    Indeed dogs should eat meat and other foods (not feed) for a healthy lifestyle. Sugar free diets will help increase the years you can spend with your dogs. Don't forget you can contact us via a variety of channels. We offer a variety of real food for dogs.


    Rabbit Whole Ground Prey for Dogs and Cats (500gr) (DP)

    Rabbit Whole Ground Prey for Dogs and Cats (500gr) (DP)

    Whole ground prey rabbit (no innards), packaged in 500gr flat packs. ..

    R30.79 Ex Tax: R26.77

    Ostrich Heart Chunks (Raw) (1kg) (DP)

    Ostrich Heart Chunks (Raw) (1kg) (DP)

    Raw ostrich heart meat chunks! ..

    R58.79 Ex Tax: R51.12

    Ostrich Meat Trimmings (Raw) (1kg) (DP)

    Ostrich Meat Trimmings (Raw) (1kg) (DP)

    Meaty ostrich meat trimmings! ..

    R100.79 Ex Tax: R87.64

    Skin Itch Relief (Dogs) Blend (1kg) (Pouch) (HV)

    Skin Itch Relief (Dogs) Blend (1kg) (Pouch) (HV)

    A skin itch relief blend for dogs from Honeyvale Herbs, packaged in 1kg pouch for your convenience. ..

    R471.79 Ex Tax: R410.25

    You purveyor of supreme pet cuisine for cats dogs Gauteng, Doggobone, Dogmatters, Raw Love Pets, Simply Pets

    Grain free food, hypoallergenic food, food for working dogs

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    Buy Your Dogmatters Food Diet for Dogs and Cats from us

    Buy Food for Dogs and Cats from us

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    Buy Dogmatters, Simply Pets, Doggobone pet cuisine from us

    We deliver real dog food Pretoria Johannesburg and across Gauteng

    You purveyor of supreme pet cuisine for cats dogs Gauteng, Doggobone, Dogmatters, Simply Pets, real food, raw diet for dogs, raw meat for dogs, raw cat food, biologically specie appropriate, biologically appropriate, paleo diet for dogs, natural food, South Africa

    Your super-licious, tail-wagging real pet food partner in Gauteng and Surrounds!

    Please check our Delivery Schedules for details, we have updated the schedule.

    Our delivery schedule now include Rustenburg (weekly), Brits (weekly), Welkom and Bloemfontein (monthly).

    Not servicing your area or city yet? Please ensure to read here and register online for us in the mean time.

    About Us

    About Us

    Raw Food for Pets is your single source partner in Gauteng and surrounds for Doggobone, Dogmatters, Raw Love Pets and Simply Pets supreme frozen raw cuisine for dogs and cats. We are an independent reseller that cater for your cats and dogs' dietary needs through a variety of pre-made minced (BARF), prey model (PMR) and raw meaty bone (RMB) meals, packaged for your convenience in flat packs, tubs and chub rolls. Our supreme menu include chicken, beef, ostrich, turkey, quail, tripe, fish, duck, lamb, rabbit and venison protein sources. Some refer to the raw food diets as ancestral, some paleo, more commonly its known as biologically, specie appropriate, raw food for cats and dogs. We prefer real food, and together, we will help Fooding Your Whole Pet!

    Our supreme catalogue is complemented by herbal solutions from Honeyvale Herbs and The Herbal Horse and Pet; anti-insect and cosmetic solutions from Spencers Natural Pet Products, Rooibos Aromatics, Ricky Litchfield and Future Pet Nutrition; designer fashionware from Doggie Hillfigher; natural and holistic supplements from Simply Natural, Promix Supplements, Efficient Microbes and Ricky Litchfield; and loads of natural unadulterated treats from Pet-e-Fours, Rooibos Aromatics, Raw Love Pets, Rabbit and Rodent, and Ricky Litchfield!

    More questions than answers? We have loads of articles on our blog, The Barking Lot, and frequent questions and answers in our FAQ base.

    Some refer to our supreme cuisine as ancestral diet, some raw food diet, some raw diet, and more barf diet for dogs. We supply and deliver raw meat food for cats and dogs in Gauteng. Real food is enriched with natural animal taurine, full of goodness and live enzymes. Your choice of food includes biologically appropriate food (BARF) in pre-made, prey, chunks and grinds for dogs. We stock and deliver Doggobone, Dogmatters, Raw Love and Simply Pets to your door. Real food is the only real diet for dogs and cats to eat. Our diets are formulated for cats and dogs to comply with the NRC nutritional profiles for all life stages. Eating healthy, give your cats and dogs the best food possible. We also supply goats milk kefir and yogurt, natural vitamin premixes, and all our meals are made from human grade ingredients for dogs. Real food is suitable for working dogs, dogs with skin conditions, dogs and cats with hypoallergenic conditions and several other common health conditions. Eating whole foods are good for their body and fitness. Our range of food include organic, antibiotic free and hormone free prey, chicken and chunky venison. We also offer natural organic pet treats, both in air dried and baked biscuit formats for dogs. Our premade meals are registered and formulated as complete and balanced diets. Whether you are trying to food a puppy or a senior dog, a kitten or a senior cat, real food is the only real nutrition. Please ensure that you are familiar with our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You can search our online catalogue and blog for additional information, and learn more about weight management. Our dogs are our kids, so we are all about dogs.