(ABOUT) Our Offerings

Some refer to [raw and real food diets] for pets as biologically appropriate raw food (BARF), originally it was called "Bones and Raw Food Diet" for dogs and cats. Others refer to the pet cuisine we stock and deliver to your home fridge across Gauteng as the canine and feline ancestral diet. Some refer to it as the prey model diet, some primal, some might even refer to it as the paleo diet for pets! Others call it the Frankenprey food model. We prefer natural, specie appropriate, raw pet cuisine for cats and dogs. Pure, pawsome, fresh frozen raw foods for cats and dogs!

Our super-licious range of complete and balanced raw pet cuisine offers you all the benefits of raw fooding with none of the hassle, packaged for convenience and choice! Our carefully selected veterinary formulated and Act 37 (AAFCO) approved suppliers and formula are produced to be safe, easy to serve and totally delicious for your fur kids. From meal sized 1kg flat packs to small 250gr tubs, with grain free and chicken free options available, there is a raw complete meal to suit any fur kid. Our meals are made with quality ingredients and no meat meals or meat derivatives by our suppliers.

Whatever your preference, we believe that choice and variety is important for our fur kids, and therefore offer:

We also stock and deliver ointments and supplements from Simply Natural and Promix Supplements; herbals solutions from Honeyvale Herbs; food and nutritional oils. To quench the thirst, fresh bubbly water fountains from Drinkwell.

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