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Biologically, Specie Appropriate, Raw Pet Cuisine for Cats, Dogs & Hedgehogs

Select your favourite food for your mutts, pups, nobles, masters and muggles! Use the filter to filter by Cats or Dogs, or by formula Protein, by Packaging or by Brand. Easy, peasy paws!

❄ All food is frozen produce.

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Venison Meat Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Venison Meat Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Unadulterated venison meat chunks, packaged in 1kg flat pack. Reg..

R33.79 Ex Tax: R29.38

Venison Tongue Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Venison Tongue Chunks (1kg) (AM)

Unadulterated venison tongue chunks, packaged in 1kg flat pack. Regi..

R42.79 Ex Tax: R37.21

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Fooding for Life, Food to Thrive!

We cater for your cats and dogs' dietary needs through a variety of pre-made minced (BARF) (Doggobone, Dogmatters, Raw Love Pets and Simply Pets), prey model (PMR) (Doggobone, The Duck Father, Tulani Free Range Chicken) and raw meaty bone (RMB) (The Duck Father, Tulani Free Range Chicken) meals, packaged for your convenience in flat packs, tubs and chub rolls. Our supreme menu include chicken, beef, ostrich, turkey, quail, tripe, fish, duck, lamb, rabbit and venison protein sources. Some [refer to the raw food diets] as ancestral, some paleo, more commonly its known as biologically, specie appropriate, raw food for cats and dogs. We prefer real food, and together, we will help Fooding Your Whole Pet! We deliver across Gauteng and surrounding areas [view our areas of delivery and schedule].


PLEASE NOTE that we cannot guarantee that your pet will like or eat the food we stock and supply. Pets, more specifically cats, get used to eating certain kinds of food and it can be challenging to get them to change to something different. If your pet will not eat the food, after a lot of persuasion, and you feel the food will go to waste, we suggest donating it to a shelter. Please note that we are not veterinarians and cannot diagnose your pet or “prescribe” a diet or a supplement for your pet. Please ensure that you are familiar with our [medical disclaimer]. We can and will gladly make suggestions for your pet based on information you provide to us from a fooding perspective. We recommend you consult with your veterinarian before changing the diet of a sick animal or incorporating any new supplements, specifically in cases where medications or other treatments are already being used. You are strongly advised to consult your vet or health care professional if your animal is seriously ill.